Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort

Where Premium Amenities Meet Natural Beauty to Give You an Adventure of a Lifetime.

The Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort was created with a simple goal in mind – offering a comfortable experience to individuals and families that have decided to explore the beauty of Crystal River in an RV or motorhome. The creators of this beautiful resort are intimately familiar with both the allure and challenges of RV travel and have worked hard to develop a resort that enhances the charm of RV-ing and meets the challenges head-on, providing our guests with an unparalleled experience. This is reflected in every aspect of the resort, from its location and design to its amenities and policies.

When you are parked in Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort, you are not just in your home away from home; you are in a premium facility designed to offer you the comforts associated with your hotel, and you get to stay in the “room” you brought with you.

Comfort, Excellence, and Convenience! The Three Traits to Define Your Stay in Our Resort.

Why Choose Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort?

Before we make our case for our amazing facility, let us help you realize why you should choose Crystal River as a destination. This Florida gem is home to a wide variety of tourist attractions, including multiple state and private parks that offer a plethora of water-based activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and, most importantly, fishing. Crystal River has some of the most coveted fishing spots in Florida. As a coastal city with warm natural springs, Crystal River offers pristine water for swimming.

And lastly, it’s the self-proclaimed home for Manatees, which are more affectionately dubbed as “sea cows.” These gentle and docile creatures add to the natural beauty of Crystal River and are considered a great preservation achievement. The city is also the only place in the county where you can legally swim with the Manatees.

When you have chosen to explore the beautiful sights, trails, and waters that Crystal River has to offer, it’s quite easy to make a choice for Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort, a premium choice for RVs in the city. The reasons are:



The resort is conveniently located near Highway 98, and virtually all the main attractions of Crystal River are within a few-mile radius. This makes your arrival, stay, local exploration and visits, and departure all incredibly convenient.



We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of standard and premium amenities. Our standard amenities include laundry, private bathrooms, and a clubhouse. You also get to enjoy a swimming pool, areas to fish/kayak/canoe, sports fishing, and shaded natural trails. You can start enjoying the beauty of Spring Lake before you leave the resort premises.



Despite the premium nature of our amenities and facilities, we offer highly competitive prices, regardless of the season. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our guests, and offering modest pricing plans is part of this approach.



Our commitment to offering our guests an exceptional experience is reflected in the quality of the service we provide and the overall quality of our facility.

Stay With Us for An RV Resort Experience of a Lifetime.

Our Values

From the development of our facility to serving our guests, everything we do in Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort is guided by the following business values.

Guest-Centric Approach: Our guests always come first. That has been and will be the core of our business. Our focus is always to facilitate our guests in the best way possible and everything, from our pricing to our services, is arranged around this approach.

Empathy: We aim to empathize with our guests, which allows us to provide services best suited to their needs. This empathy also makes us more welcoming and flexible, solving problems for our guests instead of rigidly following a rulebook and souring the experience of our guests.

Respect: At Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort, we have created a culture of respect that permeates every facet of our organization, and we expect our guests to participate in it. We believe that respecting others as we aim to be respected makes the entire experience better for everyone involved.

Transparency: Our commitment to transparency is apparent in our pricing and our policies, and you will also experience it in our interactions with you, both online and offline. We try to convey and clarify everything that’s necessary for you to know regarding your reservation and stay. This ensures that our guests have all the necessary knowledge and make informed decisions regarding their stay with us.

Community: We adhere to and invoke a strong sense of community. We are proud of the beauty and pristine nature of Crystal River and wish to do our part to preserve it as best as we can. This sense of community guides our business practices and our interactions with other local businesses.

We Welcome You to Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort and Promise to Make Your Stay Comfortable, Affordable, and Memorable.