Resort Map

Sweet Citrus Acres RV Resort is the result of a simple vision – a luxury hotel where our guests bring their own “rooms,” and we provide the rest. Our amenities and how we have curated our facility reflect our commitment to the comfort of our guests and the beauty of Crystal River. The map should give you an idea of our resort’s optimal planning and what’s in store for you when you stay with us.


Premium Lots: Premium lots are available with all hookups, are conveniently located, come with both drive-in and pull-through parking and have convenient access to resort facilities.

Elite Lots: Elite lots are premium lots that can back onto either privacy preserve or lakeview, with impressive views of the multiple lakes we have in our resort.

Lakes: The lakes in our resort vary in depth and area and offer access to activities like fishing (catch and release only), kayaking, paddle boating, and canoeing.

Ponds: Ponds add to the natural beauty of our resort and, if they are stocked, allow our guests the pleasure of angling.

Pier(s): Piers can be used to launch your kayak/canoe/paddle boat into the lake or for fishing.

Vehicle Parking: Vehicle parking is set aside for RV-towing vehicles and the visitors of our guests.

Laundry: Laundries are conveniently located and easily accessible on foot. You may ask the laundry services to pick up the laundry from your lot for an additional charge.

Trails: Shaded trails allow our guests to enjoy the closeness to nature and explore our beautiful resort on foot.

Dog Run: Dog runs allow you to help your furry friend unleash their pent-up energy and play with you or other dogs.

Picnic Areas: The picnic areas offer a great chance to cook and eat, surrounded by serene nature.

Private Bathrooms: Our sizeable private bathrooms offer a nice change of “space” from RV bathrooms and are a coveted creature of comfort.

Swimming Pool and Pavilion: Swimming pools are accessible to our guests, though without a lifeguard, so all children must be accompanied by adults. The pavilion offers several pool chairs and shaded areas for our guests to lounge on.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse offers the opportunity to interact and socialize with other guests in a comfortable indoor environment.

Canoe/Kayak Rentals: Whether it’s for lakes within the resort or other lakes in Crystal River, you can find a decent range of canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, and fishing gear from local third-party companies.

Golf Cart Rentals: Golf carts offer a comfortable way to move around the resort and can be rented at a reasonable price from local third-party companies.

Pickleball Courts: Our multiple pickleball courts allow you to enjoy the sport with your family or other guests.

Propane: We can provide local contacts to help fulfil your propane needs.

Dumpsters: Our conveniently placed dumpsters can be used for solid waste disposal between regular garbage pickups.

Lot Classes

Note that all of our lots come with the necessary hookups. For electric hookups, we offer both 30-amp and 50-amp options.


Premium lots come with more benefits and more comprehensive access to resort amenities.


Elite lots can back onto either privacy preserve or lakeview.


  • All the prices assume a lot/RV/Motor Home Occupancy of two adults. If you are traveling with older children or other adults, please convey this information at the time of reservation. An additional charge of $20 per person may apply.
  • Complete payment may be required at the time of reservation for daily and weekly occupancy, especially in summer.
  • The prices for reservations may change during holidays and peak seasons based on lot availability. However, you may not see too drastic a shift from our best rates, regardless of the time of year you are planning to stay with us. There may also be a minimum of a three-night stay requirement during holidays and special events.
  • All utilities are included in pricing.