3 Reasons to Come to Crystal River For Scalloping Season

Are you looking for an adventure next summer? Look no further than Crystal River, Florida, where scalloping season is in full swing from July 1st to early September! Not only can you enjoy the thrill of diving for scallops, but you can also relax and unwind at our luxurious Sweet Citrus Acres RV resort.

Located just minutes from some of the best scalloping spots in Crystal River, Sweet Citrus Acres offers top-notch amenities and accommodations. So, pack up your gear and head to Crystal River for a memorable vacation filled with fun and relaxation!

Make the Most of Scalloping Season

Scalloping season is upon us, and there’s no better place to enjoy it than Crystal River. This charming town is renowned for its clear waters and abundant marine life, making it the perfect destination for scallop lovers.

To make the most of your scalloping experience in Crystal River, it’s important to plan ahead. Start by researching the best locations to find scallops and the equipment you’ll need. You can rent gear from local shops or bring your own.

Once you have everything ready, head out into the crystal-clear waters and start searching for those delicious mollusks.

P.S. Remember to follow all regulations when harvesting scallops in Florida waters!

Scalloping Spots in Crystal River

Crystal River is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, making it a prime destination for scalloping enthusiasts. And when it comes to exploring the best areas for scalloping, there’s no better place than the waters around St. Martins Keys, Salt River, and Homosassa River.

St. Martins Keys

The St. Martins Keys are a group of small islands that offer some of the most beautiful scenery in Crystal River. The waters here are teeming with scallops, making them a must-visit spot for anyone looking to catch this delicious delicacy. While you’re out there, be sure to keep your eyes open for other marine life like manatees, turtles, and dolphins – they’re common sights in these parts!

Homosassa River

The Homosassa River is a hidden gem for scalloping enthusiasts. With its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, this river offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.

The Salt River

The Salt River is another great area for scalloping in Crystal River. One of the biggest draws of the Salt River is its crystal-clear waters which provide excellent visibility for spotting and collecting scallops.

Additionally, this area is home to numerous seagrass beds which serve as feeding grounds for these tasty shellfish. Visitors can easily access this prime scallop habitat via boat or kayak, and there are plenty of rental options available in town.

Kings Bay

Another great spot for scalloping in Crystal River is Kings Bay. This area features shallow waters with lots of seagrass beds where the scallops like to hide.

You’ll need a boat to reach Kings Bay’s prime locations, but once you do, it’s easy to spot the bright blue eyes of these tasty mollusks peering out from behind blades of grass.

Experience Sweet Citrus Acres: The Perfect Launchpad for Scalloping Season

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Visit Sweet Citrus Acres

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